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Haumāna-Centered Learning for Kuapapa Nui

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About This Course

Envisioning a thriving lāhui begins with placing our haumāna at the core of their educational experience. Building agentic, purposeful, and relevant learning experiences for our haumāna starts with affording them the opportunity to understand their kuelana and take actionable steps towards their goals. Haumāna-Centered Learning for Kuapapa Nui starts with an in-depth look into the moʻolelo of Hawaiian education. Armed with this insight, we delve into Haumāna-Centered Learning at KSH, unveiling an instructional tool that empowers our haumāna and places them at the center of their learning journey. Join KSH leadership, Kumu, and haumāna in the exploration of pathways for Kuapapa Nui empowerment.

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