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Your Guide to Kaʻaikuahiwi

a new edge in professional learning

Kaʻaikuahiwi, meaning “mountain food,” will nurture and nourish the professional growth of our K-12 kumu. 

Introducing Kaʻaikuahiwi

A new addition to the Nāwaiao Educator Growth and Impact System, this innovative platform offers self-paced, job-embedded, asynchronous and blended learning opportunities specifically designed so that educators can experience the promise and potential of ‘Ōiwi Edge learning and teaching for E Ola! with their haumāna.

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Through the integration of Kaʻaikuahiwi within Nāwaiao, we envision a new edge in professional learning for K-12 educators that equips kumu to thrive in their roles as they embrace new approaches and co-create impactful learning experiences with haumāna.

Kaʻaikuahiwi micro-courses are:

To be completed in 12-20 hours (per micro-course)

Grounded in ʻŌiwi Edge scholarship and innovative practice

Great for exploring a wide range of professional learning resources and tools for real-time application in classrooms

Flexible and self-paced learning, acknowledging the already full schedule of kumu

Supported by experienced coaches, who cultivate safe, supportive and collaborative environments

Our goal is to empower haumāna today, ensuring they benefit from the knowledge and skills gained by their dedicated teachers

Grow Together

Discover more about the Kaʻaikuahiwi induction learning experience.

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