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The ʻŌiwi Edge Innovation Process

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About This Course

Ensuring our educational practice reflects our philosophies and beliefs requires a deep understanding of the methods we use. By cultivating awareness of these methodologies, we can critically assess our professional practice and its impact on our haumāna. The ʻŌiwi Edge Innovation Process, an indigenous Hawaiian methodology developed by and for our KSH Kauhale, serves as a guiding framework for innovation. Implicitly aligned with our ʻŌiwi Edge philosophies and values and grounded in ʻike kupuna, it empowers our students to embrace native ways of thinking. Join us to explore the transformative potential of the ʻŌiwi Edge Innovation Process. Please note: ʻOpe for this course will be released gradually as part of a phased rollout, allowing for a flexible and asynchronous learning experience.

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