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ʻŌiwi Edge Pedagogy for Kuapapa Nui

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About This Course

Actualizing Kuapapa Nui requires nurturing innovative ʻōiwi leaders who can draw from their moʻokūʻauhau to advocate for themselves and their people and create abundance for their families and communities while navigating an unknown future. Designing a learning ecosystem for cultivating urgently needed ʻōiwi leadership involves an artful command of intentionally curated practices paired with a profound awareness of our values and purpose as a Kauhale. In collectively defining what those elements are and how they emerge through our individual kuleana we become co-creators of ʻŌiwi Edge Pedagogy. Join KSH Kauhale members as we explore through moʻolelo, dialogue, and reflection the foundations and frameworks that will help us clearly articulate ʻŌiwi Edge Pedagogy for ourselves. We will draw from the values and practices implicit in Kuapapa Nui, Haumāna-Centered Learning, Kuanaʻike Mindsets, and the ʻŌiwi Edge Innovation Process as we join together in realizing ʻŌiwi Edge Pedagogy for Kuapapa Nui.

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