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Kumu Growth

Kaʻaikuahiwi literally means “mountain food” and is a name inspired by the abundant, yet often overlooked resources that surround us. For generations of kanaka well-versed in the forest landscape, the wild ferns, shrimp, birds, fruits, roots, and insects of our upland spaces were recognized and skillfully utilized as sustenance.


A moʻolelo from the period of the Māhele ʻĀina during the rule of King Kauikeaouli tells of kia manu, professional bird catchers, who served as expert guides for kingdom land surveyors in search of remote ahupuaʻa boundaries deep in the wao akua—where most dared not venture. Worried by the lack of provisions, one surveyor recounts the great skill and competence his guide demonstrated as they gathered and prepared meals from the depths of the forest.

As expeditionary guides for our learners on their educational journeys, this story of kia manu inspires us to continue developing the skilled eye that sees and values new educator proficiencies as “kaʻaikuahiwi,” nourishment and sustenance for all haumāna to fully realize E Ola!


Kaʻaikuahiwi  serves as a platform where you can explore the breadth and depth of ʻŌiwi Edge for E Ola! via micro-courses and pathways that offer personalized, self-paced opportunities to grow your professional practice and skills. 

How it works 

Teacher Engagement Pathways

Kilo  | Explore
Select a pathway or course to explore that aligns with a skill youʻve already developed or would like to develop.
Hoʻopaʻa  | Practice
Feel free to learn and apply the knowledge, skills, and strategies found in the course until you feel confident that you've mastered them.
Kā | Collect & Submit
When you're ready to hōʻike (demonstrate) your skills, collect the required evidence demonstrating your competence in the selected area.
Paka | Feedback & Evaluation
Connect with a mentor, coach, or learning community at any phase in your journey, however, when you feel kā-nfident to submit your evidence for evaluation, evaluators will review and inform you of the results in approximately two weeks.
Hoʻomaikaʻi | Celebrate!
Upon successful completion of all requirements, be sure to celebrate your growth! And when the opportunity arises, we invite you to kōkua (help) others in our kauhale on their own learning journey!
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